About Hannibal Machine

Hannibal Machine was started in 1990 by Harold Haycraft and one employee with the plan of servicing local businesses. It has now grown to multiple employees who are experienced with various machines capable of servicing many Tri-state businesses. We staff full time experienced machinists and welders.  In 2001 Harold had received a patent for a Reversible High Ground Clearance Steering Axle that we produce for farm spray trucks.  We can accommodate  customers of any size, from repairs for the home or farm, to business or industrial, one of a kind or small run production.  We can use a drawing, a blueprint or even a broken sample to repair or make new to the customers needs.  We are a re-seller for ILMO Products.  We have oxygen, acetylene, mixed C25, Argon T and propane for exchange.

Small Run Production

Whether you need ten or one hundred, Hannibal Machine, Inc. has the capability to fulfill your needs.


Hannibal Machine can provide components for your next project.


Let Hannibal Machine help with prototyping your ideas.


Our machining is inspected and quality checked to insure accuracy.

Plasma Cutting & Welding

Whether for repairs or prototyping, Hannibal Machine has the welding experience you need.


We offer turnkey manufacturing to streamline your processes.